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Mathis Grenache pairs with an amazing array of foods. Here are just a few of the best recipes tried and tested with Mathis wine. Click on each photo or link to go to the recipe. Each one is print-ready or downloadable as a PDF file.


Fabulous Beef and Stout Pie

Watch Mathis on YouTubeThis hearty winter stew includes a delectable Stilton cheese-infused pie crust. Originating from a Williams-Sonoma recipe, this pot pie gets its rich flavor from your favorite Irish or English stout and bountiful, cold-weather produce. Enjoy savoring the beef and vegetable aromas as the stew slowly simmers all afternoon long on your stove. Pair it with the spicy Mathis Grenache. View the Stilton Pastry crust recipe here.

Savory Chicken Mole Sauce

Chicken with red wine? As with most foods,successful pairings have much to do with how the dish is prepared. This savory mole sauce, rich with spices, tomatoes and chocolate notes, pairs beautifully with Mathis Grenache. Simply prepare your chicken as you wish, on the grill or in the oven. Then we'll show you how to make this chocolatey sauce. It's a fabulous cold weather dish sure to warm you up...along with the Grenache!

Side Dishes

Ratatouille with Goat Cheese

This late summer dish is one you can make through winter, swapping out various vegetable ingredients as they become available at the market. The key to pairing this dish with my wine is mixing in the goat cheese topping. It provides the needed creamy mouthfeel to balance with the acidity in either the Mathis Rosé de Carignane or the tannins in Mathis Grenache. Serve alone or as a side dish.


Delicious Chocolate Layer Bars

Delicious Chocolate Layer BarsIt's a myth that all red wine goes with chocolate. On the contrary, frequently both chocolate and wine are too rich and tannin-heavy, competing and clashing instead of complementing flavors found in each. Mathis Grenache is an exception to this contest of flavors. Its robust fruit flavors complement complex chocolate tones just as raspberry or cherry sauce complement an ice cream sundae. So try these chocolate layer bars alone or with raspberry sauce drizzled on them. But they're best with Mathis Grenache!


Almost Flourless Chocolate Cake

This dense, nearly Flourless Chocolate Cake by Fran Gage is decidedly perfect for adult desserts. (Sorry, no photo yet.) But we found it to be a *perfect* match to Mathis Grenache. Topped with powdered cocoa and confectioner's sugar, along with a generous scoop of Vanilla Bean ice cream and in season raspberries, you'll be sure you've died and gone to heaven with this concoction! But the biggest reward is accompanying it with a sip of Mathis Grenache! Cheers!