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What do others have to say about Mathis Grenache? Quite a lot actually! In addition to winning a Double Gold Medal at the San Francisco International 2017 Wine Competition and a Gold Medal at the 2017 West Coast Wine Challenge (among others), excerpted below are reviews and comments from a variety of online resources.Watch Mathis on YouTube Just click on the quote to jump to the original review or blog post. (Most are listed in reverse chronological order.)

December 2017 - Sonoma Magazine - 100 Best Wines of Sonoma 2017

Mathis Wines 2014 Sonoma Valley Grenache, $32 A gold medalist at NCWC, this supple, energetic wine gushes with ripe cherry pie and raspberry fruit character on the first sip. With aeration, savory notes of peppercorn and sweet spice emerge. Excellent tannin structure.

April 2014 - - 91 Points - Exceptional!

April 2014 - #1 Wine Dude Reviews, Joe Roberts


March 2014 - Ted Howard - a customer review by email:

"The 2010 is a flat-out knockout.  For one thing, when I started pouring it, the bouquet pretty much filled the room.  It has a noticeably bigger structure and more velvety mouthfeel than the 2009 and the flavors really explode on the palate with richness and intensity – rich, intense blackberries, raspberries and spice, all in balance and without any “fruit-bomb” heaviness or alcohol-level hotness.  It is a fantastic wine.  My friend Chris, with whom we were dining, said he thought it compared favorably with the 2010 Vieux Telegraphe Le Crau CDP, which he had recently and which, as you probably know, got 95 pts. or higher from basically all the well-known reviewers.   I have had the ‘10 VT as well, and think it is pretty stunning.   While I might not necessarily put it and your 2010 head to head right now, they are certainly comparable and I think that a blind tasting of the two in a couple of years might very well result in your wine being awarded the prize; it is clearly that outstanding (and, need I add, less than 1/3 of the price)."

February 2014 - Lewis Perdue at SavvyTaste, on the Mathis 2010 Grenache:

Mathis 2010 Grenache bottleshot

January 2014 - In Dan Berger's Vintage Experiences, on Mathis Grenache and Rosé:


December, 2013 - Ron Washam, The HoseMaster of Wine(tm), on Mathis Grenache:

October, 2013 - Cici Rosas on the Mathis Rosé de Grenache:


October, 2013 - Facebook, Review of the 2011 Rosé de Carignane

Facebook Review: 2011 Mathis Rosé de Carignane

 July, 2013 - Connoisseurs Guide to California Wine, Review of Rhône Wines

Review: Connoisseurs Guide to California Wines, July 2013, Review of 2008 Mathis Grenache

 May, 2013 - Facebook

Mathis Grenache Review - Facebook Snapshot: Sweetwater Harvest Kitchen

March, 2013 -, Review of 2008 Mathis Grenache

2008 Mathis Grenache Review-Beverage Tasting Institute


November, 2012 – Mary Orlin, Huffington Post, Review of 2008 Mathis Grenache

Mary Orlin, Huffington Post, 2008 Mathis Grenache Review excerpt

October, 2012 – Bob Hunnicutt, Sonoma Bob, Review of 2008 Mathis Grenache

Bob Hunnicutt, Sonoma Bob, Mathis Grenache Review excerpt

May, 2012 – Chris Parente, News and Insight for the D.C. Area Executive (Wine and Dine Column), Review of 2008 Mathis Grenache

Chris Parente, DC Area Executive, Mathis Grenache Review excerpt

May, 2012 - Karen Gessert, Sommelier at Sea, Review of 2006 Mathis Grenache

Karen Gessert, Sommelier at Sea, Mathis Grenache Review

March, 2012 - QueenP47, The Wine Nook, Review of 2006 Mathis Grenache

Queen B, The Wine Nook, Mathis Grenache Review

May, 2011 – Dstearl, Wine Woot, Review of 2007 Mathis Grenache

DStearl, Wine Woot, Mathis Grenache Review

March, 2011 – Sondra Bernstein, Rhone Obsession, Review of 2007 Mathis Grenache

June, 2009 – Sondra Bernstein, Rhone Obsession, Review of 2005 Mathis Grenache

March, 2009 – Westpark Blog, Wine and Beer News for Richmond,Video discussion with Peter Mathis

April, 2008 – Sondra Bernstein, Rhone Obsession, Review of 2004 Mathis Grenache