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Mathis Vineyard History

Mathis Vineyard, Sonoma Valley, CaliforniaRocks. There were tons of rocks here before I planted my 7.5 acres to my beloved Grenache grapevines. The south-facing hillside is also home to numerous oaks and other trees. Mathis Vineyard is but a mere couple of miles north of Sonoma Plaza... [View photo gallery]



Tractors and Mathis Vineyard

Peter Mathis on tractor at Mathis VineyardMy trusty Kubota tractor has traveled many miles at Mathis Vineyard. It would be a lot of ground to cover on foot. Farming my vines would be infinitely more difficult without this modern convenience... [View photo gallery]



Mathis Vineyard Views

Mathis Vineyard, Sonoma Valley, morning fogI've got the best seat in the house for viewing the Sonoma Valley. Of course, in this shot I had to wait for the morning fog to burn off. It can be quite beautiful blanketing the valley... [View photo gallery]