International Grenache Day 2020

by Peter Mathis on September 18, 2020

Happy #GrenacheDay, Everyone! I've got a special offer for this auspicious holiday (and a wee report on this year's harvest). Take a look:


Organic Farming

by Peter Mathis on August 17, 2020

Here's a video showing how I use an old fashioned organic farming method to manage Powdery Mildew, the most common problem we have farming wine grapes in California. Yes, a little geeky. But I think those interested in the farming side of things will enjoy it. Who doesn't like tractors?

In other news, harvest is coming quickly. I'm thinking the first picking for Rosé will start in just two weeks.Very exciting!


Bad Hair Day @ Mathis Vineyards / Véraison 2020

by Peter Mathis on August 17, 2020

Just a quick look at what's happening in my vineyard right now. Apologies for the seriously bad COVID-19 hairdo! Definitely worth taking a look at the beginnings of véraison in the vineyard.


Releasing the 2019 Rosé de Grenache

by Peter Mathis on June 13, 2020

I'm releasing the latest vintage of my Rosé on National Rosé Day - June 13th - the second Saturday in June. Take a look at my wee video (with winemaking assistant,  Lily) on this vintage: 

For Love of Grenache

by Peter Mathis on June 03, 2020

For Grenache fans... I made a guest appearance last week on The Wine Makers podcast.

Tune in to hear four local Grenache Masters: Casey Graybehl, the Grenachista; Peter Mathis from Mathis Wines; Jeff Cohn from Jeff Cohn Cellars; and Dave Mounts from Mounts Winery. Also guesting on the show Sondra Bernstein from the girl & the fig. Listen at:

A Better Chance for #GivingTuesdayNow

by Marcia Macomber on May 07, 2020

I'm very excited to be able to support A Better Chance, a non-profit  providing educational opportunities for young adults of color to develop their leadership skills. Learn more in my video and donate at: or

Shelter at Home Special Offer

by Peter Mathis on May 07, 2020

Case order discounts now available through the end of April. After all, we're all working from home and the cellar can run low during these unusual times... See my offer:



Calling All Owls!

by Peter Mathis on May 07, 2020

It's difficult to keep the wild critters out of the Mathis Vineyard -- particularly moles and gophers. These little devils like to much on grapevine roots. You can understand why I'd rather not have them here.

Fortunately, Mother Nature provides a natural deterrent: the Great Horned Owl (and several other owl species). They love rodents! And they are great managers of these pests in a wholly natural way.

Take a look at my new addition to the vineyard:



Winter Pruning at the Mathis Vineyard

by Peter Mathis on May 07, 2020

All pruned up and ready for the 2020 growing season to another 6-8 weeks. This is a great little video to learn how cordons get extended (particularly if one has died off in a previous season).



After the Kincade Fire at the Mathis Vineyard

by Peter Mathis on May 07, 2020

We're here, and we're okay... We hope you are safe as well. But we've certainly seen our share of wildfires in Northern California. Take a look at my video for more information: