Best of Class Grenache in the S.F. Chronicle Wine Competition

by Peter Mathis on January 23, 2023

This just in... A bit a wee horn tooting as the results are in from the San Francisco Chronicle 2023 Wine Competition and...(cue the drumroll) The Mathis Grenache takes Best of Class and the Mathis Rosé de Grenache takes a Gold Medal.


Harvest 2022 Recap

by Peter Mathis on September 23, 2022

The 2022 harvest was a doozy!  Heat Waves!  Small crop!  Unseasonable rains!  Best Rosé ever!  Watch my brief ’22 Harvest Recap video for details!

And...For dog lovers, my beloved Bull Terrier, Lily, makes a little guest appearance at the end of the video :)  She just turned 13 – wish her well!

Big Week at Mathis!

by Peter Mathis on March 18, 2022

It's mid-March and we just got a bit of rain! That may not seem like reason to celebrate, ordinarily, but it's been a very dry winter so far. Take a look:

Sunset Above the Mathis Vineyard

by Peter Mathis on September 22, 2021

We've never shown you where the Mathis Vineyard is situated in Sonoma Valley before. We were beginning a night pick at the vineyard, and my friend Tim Wetzel, a filmmaker, took his drone up for look around.

Enjoy his 360-degree view of the valley at sunset. (It starts looking west and then works it's way north, east, south, and back to the west again.) Be sure you've got your sound up!

Harvest 2021

by Peter Mathis on September 19, 2021

Harvest is here!  Check out this snippet of video as I’m getting ready in the Mathis vineyard Monday, followed by some very cool aerial footage of the pick in action, courtesy of my great friend, filmmaker (and fellow Petanque Clubmate) Tim Wetzel.
All the Mathis grapes are in, just in time for International Grenache Day, 9/17/21, whoo-hoo!  I strongly recommend you celebrate with a glass of Mathis :)


The San Francisco Chronicle Reviews Mathis 2019 Rosé de Grenache

by Peter Mathis on May 06, 2021

SF Chronicle print review of Mathis Rose de Grenache wine

I had a nice conversation with Esther Mobley, wine critic at the San Francisco Chronicle. She was kind enough to feature my Rosé de Grenache as her Wine of the Week.

You may find the text in this image a bit difficult to read (lol). If interested, you can read Esther's article in the Chronicle here.


Major Crush on Peter Mathis

by Peter Mathis on March 26, 2021

Tune in! This was a lot of fun. I just recorded with Lou Zant and Meredith Griffin for this week's episode of Major Crush. They have a "Major Crush on Peter Mathis" (he he he). Find it on Spotify, but it's available on all 9 listening platforms. #majorcrushwinecast Play at:

Major Crush on Peter Mathis podcast

END OF MARCH - Lou Zant and Meredith Griffin have a "Major Crush on Peter Mathis" in this week's episode of Major Crush. Find it on Spotify, but it's available on all 9 listening platforms. #majorcrushwinecast Play at:


International Grenache Day 2020

by Peter Mathis on September 18, 2020

Happy #GrenacheDay, Everyone! I've got a special offer for this auspicious holiday (and a wee report on this year's harvest). Take a look:


Organic Farming

by Peter Mathis on August 17, 2020

Here's a video showing how I use an old fashioned organic farming method to manage Powdery Mildew, the most common problem we have farming wine grapes in California. Yes, a little geeky. But I think those interested in the farming side of things will enjoy it. Who doesn't like tractors?

In other news, harvest is coming quickly. I'm thinking the first picking for Rosé will start in just two weeks.Very exciting!


Bad Hair Day @ Mathis Vineyards / Véraison 2020

by Peter Mathis on August 17, 2020

Just a quick look at what's happening in my vineyard right now. Apologies for the seriously bad COVID-19 hairdo! Definitely worth taking a look at the beginnings of véraison in the vineyard.