Sampler Pack by the case

$322.00  with $35 shipping

4x 2019 Sonoma Valley Grenache
4x 2020 Überblend
4x 2022 Sonoma Valley Rosé de Grenache

A wine for every occasion!...The Mathis Sampler Pack is an ideal opportunity to explore the wines of Mathis, plus, you’ll have a wine on hand to pair with almost anything! The Rosé is exceptional with lighter fare like grilled salmon or vegetables, and works very well with spicy Asian dishes. The signature Mathis Grenache is versatile workhorse, pairing well with almost everything, and exceptionally with middle weight foods like a roasted chicken, pastas and steaks. With its tannic depth and concentration, Überblend is wonderful accompanying savory, rich foods like cassoulet, stews, roasts and polenta based meals. Enjoy them all!