From Vineyard to Bottle - Mathis 2015 Rosé de Grenache

by Peter Mathis on May 24, 2016

With the recent release of the 2015 Rosé de Grenache, we've been looking back over the 2015 harvest, crush and fermentation of the rosé. Here are the videos from last fall documenting these events, starting with harvest:

From harvest at Mathis Vineyard in the Sonoma Valley, the crew brings the grapes to the crushpad at Ravenswood approximately a half hour's drive away:

Once through the press, I watch the free run to determine when to make the press cut...

Once the cut is made the juice goes into a tank to begin fermenting.

How tannin affects color and taste in the rosé:

Fast forward several months and I'm tasting the rosé in my vineyard:

And here's a bit more on how I make the wine and the style I'm targeting:


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