The Tractor Chronicles - Tales of Farming the Narrowest Vineyard Rows in Sonoma

by Peter Mathis on December 05, 2013

The 2013 Harvest may be over, but there's still a lot of work to do in Mathis Vineyard to ensure I always get the best Grenache from my vines. Here are videos of my preparation for the dormant winter period in Sonoma Valley. In early November it began with discing the rows. See for yourself in this preview of "The Tractor Chronicles."



Meet my tractor! Learn why my vineyard rows are so narrow and why I make my own farm equipment: 


Here's the official Episode #1 of "The Tractor Chronicles." It was a gorgeous day in Sonoma. Meet my disc harrow that cuts through the dirt between my vineyard rows of Grenache.


In Episode #2 of "The Tractor Chronicles" there's a bit more discing, but it's really about preparing for planting my organic cover crop. I explain in the video: 


Now you know the plan: Loosen the soil with my disc harrow in preparation for planting organic cover crop. In Episode #3 of "The Tractor Chronicles" (below) learn about the composition of the cover crop and how it's planted. (Hint: Sometimes I have to do things the old-fashioned way--on my feet!)


As you now know, my soil preparation and planting method is a bit imperfect. In these outtakes of "The Tractor Chronicles," I wanted to show you how some seeds get missed and don't quite get buried, but Lily, Mathis Vineyard Dog, had other ideas while I was filming. 

Stay tuned for Episode #4 of "The Tractor Chronicles." To see all of my videos, be sure to visit and subscribe to my YouTube channel.


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