2019 Rosé de Grenache & Goodness Gracious! Paired Snackboard by the bottle & snackboard


SONOMA LOCALS ONLY - Celebrate National Rosé Day (6/13) in style with a bottle of my newly released 2019 Rosé de Grenache ($22.50) paired with Goodness Gracious! Catering's festive, pink-hued snack board ($35) of house-cured beet salmon, pickled red onions, and local strawberries with fromage blanc and crackers. - Serves 2 - 

Rose de Grenache bottle with snack board on table

This delectable duo is available ONLY to local Sonoma Valley residents for free local delivery. (Apologies to anyone farther away geographically!)

Order by noon, June 12th, to receive delivery on or before National Rosé Day.   

To add more bottles to your combo order, visit our online wine shop.

To add more GG! To-Go foodstuffs to your order, visit their online Pop-Up Retail Shop.

Lauren and I had a lot of fun tasting the wine and food pairing:

Peter and Lauren

Any questions about the wine, food or delivery, or want to leave delivery instructions? Just give one of us a phone call:

Peter Mathis: 707-484-0907

Lauren Kershner: 707-972-4029

Have a happy National Rosé Day!